Mozambique is an old country with a unique history. It is a beautiful country that started with the San people.  Vasco De Gama, a Portugese explorer landed on the coast of Mozambique in 1498, and by 1505 Mozambique, and a few other south African countries, were Portugese colonies. They were a Portugese colony for 470 years until they recieved freedom. Their first president was Samora Moises Machel.

Just a few years after independence, a civil war broke out. The Mozambique Resistance Movement, Renamo, had opposed the government. They wanted to stop their goods from going to Zimbabwe. South Africa was supporting Renamo. Renamo's main target during the war were civilians, government installations, and the economic infastructure. The war finally ended in 1990 when the support had collapsed in South Africa. After it ended, they wrote a new consitution in November of 1990.


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