Music and dance is very important to their culture. Men will preform a dance with costumes and cultural masks called mapicos. Preforming arts are a big part of religious and social practices. Some common musical instruments are drums, string instruments, and saxophones. Lots of the music is influenced by Portuguese music. 

One of the most common meals ate in Mozambique is chicken and rice. Chicken is thought to be the most nutritious food. People all over the country eat it. Most people cook it over an open fire.  Some other good foods they eat are cashews and bananas, that grow locally. They also have many farms, so they drink lots of goats milk. Also, being by the coast, they enjoy a lot of seafood. 

Art is one of the main ways that they keep their history and culture alive. There are many forms, some of the most common being dance, music, sculpture, painting, architecture, and crafts. I think the coolest crafts are woodcarving and basket weaving. 


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