Mozambique is on the coast of South East Africa, just south of the Indian Ocean. About half the country is flat coastal plains.  The farther inland, the land rises. Montains run along the west and northern borders.

The country has about 784,090 sq km of land mass, and 17,500 sq km of water territory. The total amount of area that Mozambique has about 801,590 sq km or total area, which is a little less than twice the size of California. 

Mozambique borders many countries. Tanzania is to the north. Malawi and Zambia are to the north west. Zimbabwe is to the west, and South Africa and Swaziland are to the South West.  Across the Mozambique Channel, just to the east, lays Mozambique.

There are many rivers in Mozambique like Zambezi, Limpopo, Maputo and many more. Mozambique also has a few lakes like Malawi,  Shirwa, and Cahora Bassa. There is also 2,470 km of coastline. Even though there is lots of water, droughts are common in the southern part of the country.

In most parts of the highland, there is very fertile soil to grow crops. They can produce enough food for the country and have many exports. They grow corn, sugar cane, tobacco, rice, tea, and citruis fruit. Because of the coastline, they also export many prawns.


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